High quality flower with quick delivery.
Flower is often the choice for those who want to be able to enjoy their effects quickly. Whether it is CBD or THCa, you can count on Power Biopharms to provide options that really deliver!

Why choose flower?

Whole plant wellness
Flower is the most natural way to enjoy your cannabinoids. Just as the plant grows, flower comes with major and minor cannabinoid compounds and terpenes, too.
Multiple profiles
Choose from CBD, THCa, 1:1 or D8 infused options to add to your wellness routine.
Quick delivery
Flower provides the quickest delivery method through inhalation. Just light and enjoy effects within minutes.
Easy to enjoy
We offer pre-rolled options in a variety of weights to be able to light and enjoy wherever you are.

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Quality you can trust!

Quality Cannabinoids
Choose from isolated compounds to wonderful full-spectrum blends.
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all orders above $50
Customer Approved
Our products are loved throughout the U.S.A.
Go Texan
From our farm in the heart of Dallas-Fort Worth to your door.

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