What is CBD Oil?

CBD is one of the most popular natural wellness options available on the market today. In the many ways that CBD is available (capsules, oils, edibles and more), the oil form is one of the most popular that consumers reach for.

CBD Oils are a blend of CBD and a base oil such as MCT or Hemp seed oil. The Cannabidiol (CBD) compound is blended in the oil base and consumers are able to enjoy the compounds quickly and easily with a sublingual (under the tongue) application.

CBD products, like oils, are immensely popular and have grown in popularity thanks to the update to the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill that rendered the Hemp plant as an agricultural commodity, thus making Hemp CBD products available nationwide.

There are many reasons why someone would choose CBD products. According to Single Care, the top three reasons that Americans choose CBD are for “discomfort (64%), anxiety (49%) and insomnia (42%)” (1).

 Here are some other fun facts about CBD that you may not know: 

  • CBD web searches increased by 125.9% from 2016 to 2017 and 160.4% from 2017 to 2018. (JAMA Network, 2019)
  • United States hemp farmland increased from 25,713 acres in 2017 to 78,176 acres in 2018. (Food Business News, 2019) 
  • 33% of American adults have used CBD once or more. (SingleCare, 2020)
  • 64% of Americans are familiar with CBD and/or CBD products. (Gallup, 2019)
  • An estimated 64 million Americans have tried CBD in the last 24 months. (Consumer Reports, 2019) 
  • Of those who use CBD, 22% said it helped them supplement or replace prescription or over-the-counter drugs. (Consumer Reports, 2019)

CBD Oils are chosen by those wanting a simple-to-enjoy product that has a variety of delivery method options. While most may choose to consume sublingually - by putting the chosen amount under the tongue and letting it soak in - others may use their oil in a smoothie or cold dressing such as those used on a salad. Just be aware that by consuming it in an edible form, it then must pass through digestion before the consumer may begin to enjoy results whereas sublingually tends to provide desired results in minutes.

The oil does not perform well when heated as the cannabinoids have already been through any processing and high heat (such as with cooking) can harm the compounds you’re trying to take in.

The type of CBD base that the oil has is typically referred to as “The Spectrum” of it. Some companies may get their CBD in a powder form known as “CBD Isolate”. The plant compound, itself, is able to be removed and isolated, which results in a powder that can be mixed into recipes and sold. Other companies will use all the compounds in the source plant but make the THC rendered undetectable in what is known as “Broad Spectrum”.

At Power Biopharms, we use all of the precious plant compounds which are called “Full Spectrum”, as the cannabinoid compounds work well together in what is known as The Entourage Effect. This is also the most authentic whole plant experience available (aside from the raw flower, itself).

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