Differences in Product Delivery Methods

An Overview of Cannabis Delivery Methods

When shopping for Cannabis-based wellness products, consumers are often overwhelmed by the many ways that the compounds can be enjoyed. These different avenues of consumption are known as “delivery methods”, as they are the varied ways that the compounds are delivered.

Whether oil, gummy, topical or capsule, the delivery method can make a difference in both timing and results.


One of the most popular choices on the market is the oil that is enjoyed sublingually which means: under the tongue. Packaged in dropper bottles, these blends of cannabinoids and a carrier oil (typically MCT) are easily consumed. By putting the product under the tongue and holding it while it soaks in, this is one of the quickest delivery methods. Effects are typically enjoyed within minutes.

Oils can also be added to dressings and smoothies. By doing that, the product goes from being sublingual to being edible. 


Edibles are those items that pass through the digestive process before the body can deliver results. This could be many possible choices including capsules, gummies, beverages and when the oils (as previously mentioned) are added to dressings and smoothies. Because of going through digestion, it can take up to an hour to feel any effects. This is also why it is best to wait an hour before consuming more edible products.

Ingested cannabinoid products like gummies can also have more pronounced or longer-lasting results than other methods, as well. Whereas sublingual results are typically noted for up to 4 hours, edible results can last up to 8 hours for some consumers.


Smokable or vaporized cannabinoids have the most rapid onset of results at nearly instantaneous. Many prefer the classic choice of dried flower in a pipe, joint or cone over other methods because of the quick delivery of results.

Remember that raw, smokable flower (like ours) is just the plant itself. No other fillers or additives are added.


Topical (transdermal) methods like balms, lotions or patches typically work quickly but just in the areas that they are applied to. This makes them perfect for managing issues with stiff joints or dry and irritated skin. Topical cannabinoid products are often the first choice for those new to cannabinoid wellness products. 

Whether you are looking for a tasty gummy option or a quality smokable flower, Power Biopharms has many options to choose from. All of our products are hemp-derived, third-party tested, and legal in any state that allows for CBD products.

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