CBD and Fitness

With spring in full swing, many people are spending extra time in the gym, hiking the local trail, or hitting the links for 18 holes in the new season’s sunlight. While they’re all good choices for how to spend your time, the recovery may not be like it used to be. Maybe it takes a few more days to work out that soreness than it used to and you’re considering CBD as a solution. If you are one of the millions who are thinking of adding hemp-based products into your fitness and health routine, here are some great findings that you may enjoy.

As we know, Cannabidiol (CBD) is the non-psychotropic major cannabinoid compound in the Cannabis family of plants. The subject of multiple studies throughout the globe, CBD has shown great promise in many wonderful ways. One of the biggest positives is the anti-inflammatory properties of the plant compound. This is what has made CBD such a potential positive for many issues that are encouraged by inflammation.

In a 2020 study titled The Influence of Cannabidiol on Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, a group of researchers at the University of South Carolina found that the popular cannabinoid compound had great promise with sports and fitness issues. 

In what they called “one of the most common reasons for compromised sports performance” and “one of the most common recurrent forms of sports injury that can affect an individual’s performance”, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) can harm many who may be trying to grow in health and wellness. 

Researchers in the South Carolina study stated that they found the consumption of a CBD Oil immediately after the activity or workout “had a significant influence on the reduction of DOMS” with “statistically significant reduced levels of soreness in respective 24 hour periods”. The conclusion continued, stating that “this reduction in soreness may lead to an athlete being able to return to training sooner than an athlete that remains in an elevated level of soreness.”

It’s not just about being able to help with the inflammation and healing time, but CBD can also be helpful with mobility in the first place. In a study titled Cannabidiol to Improve Mobility in People with MS (Multiple Sclerosis), researchers published that CBD “reduces spasticity, pain, inflammation and fatigue” while also reducing “the usage of prescription drugs” like opioids.

This is one of the many truths about the Cannabis family of plants that fans continue to share - that the plant compounds show their promise in a multitude of areas. 

Depending on what delivery method you may prefer to enjoy (smokable, edible, topical or sublingual oil), Power Biopharms has options for you. Many consumers choose to begin with a topical option like our Power Balm, designed to hit targeted spots while others like the ease and quick delivery of the smokable and sublingual options. Of course, a favorite will always be the gummies which allow for a more extended result in a flavorful treat. No matter which one, all of our Full Spectrum CBD products start as our very own Power Biopharms hemp - grown indoors in Fort Worth, Texas.

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