About Us

Hemp Flower Bud Power Biopharms

Power Biopharms was created with the mission of being a trusted provider of premium CBD products, providing reliable educational resources, and building trust through transparency from start to finish. Our team set out to create a company that produced trustworthy, premium quality CBD products customers could trust and recommend to friends and family with confidence because we control how it is made from start to finish.

When Texas launched the Industrial Hemp Program in 2020 our founders began planning, and in early 2021 Power Biopharms began operations and moved into their current facility.  

Our team made the decision to pursue an indoor cultivation operation (as opposed to the traditional outdoor) in order to maximize control and consistently deliver the quality of product we desired. Additionally, we chose solvent-less methods for our production process. Avoiding chemical solvents makes our products and our workplace safer. 

Our passion is creating these premium products, and providing education and resources regarding the potential benefits of tapping into your endocannabinoid system (which enhances mental health, cognition, emotion, and other processes). Check out our blog and join us on your journey to wellness!
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The Power family are Texans by birth,
just like all of our products.