Our Process

Start with the best, benefit with the best. 

We consistently produce clean, top-shelf quality CBD products by growing indoors.  We fine tune every aspect of our environmentally-controlled facility to optimize plant health, maximizing production and retention of cannabinoids and terpenes.

In-House Seed-to-Sale Production 

We control our production process from cultivation, processing and extraction all the way to packaging, labeling, and shipping. Our vertical integration enhances quality control and maximizes efficiency, allowing us to quickly and consistently deliver clean, premium products sold at a fair price.


Solventless extraction

Kief/Trichomes from Dry Sift Run
 Instead of using extraction methods dependent on introducing chemical solvents (i.e. butane, ethanol, pentane, etc.), our extraction and refining processes use three simple inputs - water, heat and pressure, preserving the cultivar's full spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes.
Pure Pressure Longs Peak Press
For those interested in learning more, please click HERE to view a technical, in depth explanation of the rosin pressing process. (Article courtesy of our friends at Pure Pressure)

Each and every product is proudly made in Texas from start to finish. We believe the Texas attitude embraces loyalty, community and taking pride in all that we do.